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Game:Quake III Arena UnFreeZe (ioq3v6-unfreeze-client-v21.7.zip | fpsclasico-client-community-edition.zip)
Admin:adminless of fpsclassico
Motto:" it's not about making a hit, it's about making a classic "
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Award Stats
Awards List
Best Killer with Gauntlet NIGHTMARE!!!
Best Killer with Machine gun Ares
Best Killer with Shot gun <L2P>^Lodgie
Best Killer with Grenade Launcher SakiS
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher -=ASS=-^WALNUT
Best Killer with Lightning gun _(TOG)_EM
Best Killer with Rail gun [ILM]^Blaze
Best Killer with Plasma gun ^Princess
Best Accuracy with Machine gun Ares
Best Accuracy with Shot gun bl4h
Best Accuracy with Grenade Launcher -=ASS=-Toxic
Best Accuracy with Rocket Launcher GrembilbmAsseater
Best Accuracy with Lightning gun -=ASS=-^RICKY!!
Best Accuracy with Rail gun aimer
Best Accuracy with Plasma gun PUFF
Best Overall Accuracy Infin!ty
Best Fighter aimer
Best Effectiveness -=ASS=-^WALNUT
Best Tank [Runo]
Best Damage Accuracy -=ASS=-^WALNUT
Excellent Killer [I've]Pain
Impressive Railer oKo*WhoAmI?!
Freeze Tag
Best Thawer me
Best Thaw Efficiency me
Highest Thaw Streak Kun-Szabo
Maximum Thawer -=ASS=-ang3lfish
Highest Thaw Dedication PegLeg
Best Defender -=ASS=-^WALNUT
The Terminator [Runo]
Health Man oKo*cacahuete
Mega Man Doc
Shard Man party:over
Armor Man -=ASS=-^WALNUT
Iron Man bl4h
Best Killer oKo*cacahuete
Best Scorer oKo*cacahuete
Best Efficiency aimer
Highest Score per Death -=ASS=-^WALNUT
Highest Kill Streak .WTF!P0rsche?!
Maximum Killer oKo*WhoAmI?!
Highest Top Score Miroslav
Highest Performance -=ASS=-^WALNUT
Best Team Scorer -=ASS=-^WALNUT
Best Team Efficiency -=ASS=-^WALNUT
Best Team Leader oKo*cacahuete
Cleanest Player -=ASS=-^WALNUT
Fair Play Infin!ty
Highest Time Played [ILM]^vrtx
Hall Of Fame
Most Number of Awards -=ASS=-^WALNUT
Award Listing for Best killer with machine gun (top 100)
#Player Name Kills   Games   Kill ratio 
1Ares58 191 0.30
2PacMan.EZ3 29 0.10
3xo7 89 0.08
4bl4h2 27 0.07
5-=ASS=-ang3lfish3 52 0.06
6your papa1 22 0.05
7Mr.VatMan4 90 0.04
8party over4 103 0.04
9-OfC-Rohadjmeg2 46 0.04
10[Runo]1 24 0.04
11fencer1 26 0.04
12Quakekidda..........1 26 0.04
13.WTF!P0rsche?!2 70 0.03
14S10n3d/EZ/2 76 0.03
15NIGHTMARE!!!1 30 0.03
16DumbitezYoHoHito1 34 0.03
17-OfC-UniX1 35 0.03
18Neva1 39 0.03
19*UA*SONIC3 127 0.02
20^xan2 111 0.02
21SexyKatya2 118 0.02
22-=ASS=-^RICKY!!1 53 0.02
23HorseMan.EZ1 56 0.02
24<L2P>^Lodgie1 62 0.02
25-=ASS=-Toxic2 159 0.01
26CruX*1 86 0.01
27russian1 91 0.01
28mk1 116 0.01
29Lubaka1 157 0.01
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